Pentral Release Latest Single In Their Epic Environment and Equality Saga

The album is released 7th May.

Pentral have released their new single Aiming for the Sun from their forthcoming album, ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’.

Their first single – Silent Trees – received glowing praise from the likes of New Noise and Prog, and Pentral have been hailed as ones to watch in the heavy rock music scene. Aiming for the Sun is even more ferocious in sound with bursts of energy and groove-distorted guitar riffs that make any rock band memorable.

It’s the second release in the saga, from a band passionate about environmental protection, equality and fighting against racism. Their new album, ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’, is aptly named to reflect the fractious relationship between people from different cultures and mankind’s war against nature itself.

Aiming for the Sun continues the story of a young family lost in a world filled with anger and hate, set in the Amazon rainforest.

Watch the music video where Amazon land grabbers show their true colours.

The band uniquely combine their music with their interests in the environment and equality as a powerful and positive way to influence change. The concept album is dark, pulsating and expresses urgency through their lyrics and incredible guitar skills on show.

What Lies Ahead of Us’ will be released 7th May, and after an exclusive listen, it’s clear this band can do more than just play a distorted guitar. A Gift From God is a real hidden gem and the thought that’s been put into each track to make it stand out from the last is clear to see. This is a band with musical prowess and innovation in creating a platform to change our worldview.

About Pentral

Victor, Vagner Lima and Joe Ferry are the three feisty Brazilian brothers with a passion for rock music which is only rivalled by their desire to create an album that contributes to making the world a more tolerant place to live.

Victor is on the vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, Vagner Lima is to thank for the drums and Joe for the bass guitar. Their 10 track album tells a truly unique story, and is told by incorporating the brothers’ cultural roots of home country melodies and uncommon harmonies.

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Pentral tell the story of a couple and their newborn child emerging from the devastated Brazilian rainforest into a city ravaged by violence, greed and hate. They find their only way to combat the discrimination and suffering around them is the power of love.

From their debut single, Silent Trees, and its Hindu mantra intro, to The Shell I’m Living In, which reflects the emptiness of their hopeless new environment, to No Real Colour in Souls, a rallying cry against racism in all its forms: the album is filled with elements of fantasy and also great truth, showing that working together is the only way to move forward. 

The album was recorded during the pandemic, which Victor said caused “tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected”. Still, the band pulled through, recording their album of songs that are not “straight”, according to Victor: “Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks”.

But the final product is one Victor says is full of “atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think” .

What Lies Ahead of Us is out on7th May.

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