Soul-Jazz Mavericks, The Fabulous Red Diesel Release Romping New Music Video For ‘Nellie Gale’

The Fabulous Red Diesel have already wowed audiences and critics alike with their last single “Butterfly Mind’; it was played on Jazz FM for 6 weeks running!

But now their new single ‘Nellie Gale’ is looking to grab even more attention. The track tells the tale of a very ordinary character, who just happened to be one of the first nude dancers in the West End. Cheeky!

So the story goes, Nellie Gale was the great grandmother of lead singer and matriarch, Ms Kitty. Legend has it, Nellie was a Windmill Girl: a performer at the Windmill Theatre, perhaps best known for its nude tableaux vivants in the 1930s. The theatre took inspiration from the Moulin Rouge and brought censor-baiting nude art to the masses.

A band full of quirks and captivation, Nellie Gale is the human embodiment of The Fabulous Red Diesel’s wonderful world!

“Nellie Gale” is quirky, funky, groovy and has such a deliciously jazzy under slurp. It is naughty but very nice…very comical and somehow also slightly sad, especially with the wah-wahing trumpet mockingly laughing at the live tableau depicted — a great number.’

Sammy Stein, Something Else Reviews 

The band are soon to be releasing a very cheeky black and white romp music video of the story, with a host of colourful characters including Squiffy Oglespink; Will-I Juan; Sir Everard Squiffy QC’; Lord Pedro Handlebar as well as Miss Nellie Gale herself, played by her great grand-daughter, Kat Lee-Ryan!

Their latest album The Queensbury House Sessions sees the band on their best form. With husband Duke Boom (Will Lee-Ryan) on the drums and wife Ms Kitty (Kat Lee-Ryan) on the vocals, keys and flute; the couple are joined by transgender trumpeter and double bassist, Miss Bea-Have (Beatrice Gullick) and guitarist Rabbi Jaffa Delicious.

Based in Hastings, they have built up a loyal fanbase through their live shows which have seen them supporting some big names like The James Taylor Quartet and Jeff Buckley. But also, through their own unique sound; it’s fun, quirky and you can’t help but tap your feet to the jazzy beat.

Listen to the full album on YouTube

The album fuses classic 60s soul with jazz arrangements and a rhythm section which can skip from hip-hop beats to Latin to funk. The 16 extra-ordinary tracks were each recorded in only one take at a disused office block (yes, called Queensbury House).

”Beyond the theatrics of make-up that’s just a little extra; peacock-feather ‘n’ tie dye shirts and a rainbow emitting disco ball lies a voice with the call of the sirens and a hot handle on the blues”

– Debbie Bourke, jazz journalist

Although defiantly upbeat and circus-like in their approach to entertaining audiences, Kat’s own life has been touched by tragedy; her sister took her own life in 2006.

As part of the grieving process, she wrote and developed a stage show called ‘Sparkly Bird’ which has gone on to sell-out theatres as well as educate audiences about mental health.

With songs written by Ms Kitty and the music, of course, performed by The Fabulous Red Diesel, it’s yet another side of a collective who mix their ideas and personalities with real passion, flair and invention.

The Queensbury House Sessions is mixed and mastered by Nick Endcott Gibb. A specially filmed presentation of Sparkly Bird can be experienced at this year’s Brighton Fringe, the largest festival of its kind outside of Edinburgh.

Be on the look out for the news music video to ‘Nellie Gale’, as it’s out soon!

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