From Drama Student to Rapper – The Brand New Single ‘FXMOUS’ By MXOM

Having grown up in the streets of Croydon, MXOM (or Ugo Nelson) had to overcome the adversity that came with the territory. He faced run-ins with the law and decided that he had too much potential to head down a path he may regret. 

Choosing to venture to the sunny sidewalks of Silicon Valley was quite the change for him. He started a tech company utilising his long-term interest and skill in coding; although he excelled in the area, he felt unfulfilled.

He came back to his hometown to pursue entertainment, a testament to his core creative mindset. Never one to do things by half, he trained in a prestigious drama school that has been a critical asset that makes him stand out from the pack.

This era in his life acted as a source of inspiration for an upcoming album. The theme of homecoming will be prevalent, paying homage to his past and channelling his experiences into his music.

MXOM’s first track, ‘FXMOUS’, focuses on the pain of heartbreak. It took something uncomfortable to make Nelson push his boundaries and release the single. A fearless, outspoken, and daring track that culminates in a raw release of feeling that juxtaposes the production style to create a perfectly balanced first release from the new rapperRising from the ashes to create an inspired rap song, infusing trap and wave beats with a UK rawness.

“It is about heartache, pain, and sacrifice. It is one of the very first songs I ever recorded in a studio and tells a tale of the things we must do the suffering we have to endure to reach our dreams. The opening line of the song perfectly captures this as the song is inspired by the soul-searchingly agonising ending of a long-term relationship with a childhood sweetheart.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, he was influenced by the London hip hop genre and his influences, merging a trap style with a UK based grittiness and a fresh perspective for the scene.

He takes a lot of inspiration from the early work of Kanye West, someone he has always admired; the new track features a distinct production style utilising autotune. Other similar artists include M Huncho and Yxng Bane.

He has always valued his work ethic, leading him to achieve so much in his early career across his multitude of ventures. He continues to do so with his new series of one-minute freestyles (#1MF), where he releases a freestyle video every week to display his skill and match those he looks up to. He will not stop until he achieves his goals.

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